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The Receptionist
Graphics (+ a fandom ramble): In this journal you'll find a selection of Icons, Headers and Moodthemes. There are a number of fandoms within; Stargate : Atlantis. Harry Potter. Prison Break. Torchwood. Doctor Who. Zelda : Twilight. Zelda : Ocarina. Soul Calibur. Ocean's 11-13. Supernatural. Skins. Hollyoaks. Anita Blake. Good Omens. Queer as Folk (UK + US). Mighty Boosh. Nightrunner.

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Many of the resources used within are my own. When available for download, please credit theharkness. Any other resources will be credited clearly in a resource post (to be updated shortly.)
The fandoms within are (c) to their respective owners. I take no responsibility of them, I just do the graphics bit. <3

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